• Lines & Call Charges

Reduced Call Charges

By selecting the best rates from our portfolio of national and international routes and by only using Tier 1 carriers, NCS can offer our business customers a range of call plans where pricing is simple, transparent and above all else cost effective.

Switching to NCS will not affect the way you operate in any way - your calls simply cost less.

Our call tariffs can be applied to:

  • Telephone lines (PSTN/Analogue, ISDN2E and ISDN30E)
  • Number Translation Services
  • Non Geographic Services
  • Outbound Telephony

We can now take over your lines andn call services without an engineer having to visit your office or change your phone set up in any way. The connection is completely automatic and free of charge.

Fixed Lines & Line Rental

NCS can offer businesses line rental at reduced rates. Depending on the type of lines you are currently renting, we can offer up to 20% discount. Not only does this offer further savings, but if you combine your line rental with your calls and other telecoms services you receive one simple and easy to understand bill.

For a no obligation telecommunications audit and cost comparisons please contact our telecommunication consultants.


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