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Migration from SIP to Hosted Telecoms


Seamless migration from SIP to Hosted Telecoms incorporating call recording, call reporting and remote working capabilities.  

The Challenge
McGlashan MacKay faced a number of challenges with their feature limited Panasonic PBX System

McGlashan MacKay Solicitors are Scotland’s leading Immigration and Asylum Lawyers. Based in Glasgow, they specialise in business immigration, immigration, asylum and human rights, delivering tailored solutions to a range of business and individual clients.

Committed to getting the best possible result for their clients, McGlashan MacKay are experienced court practitioners with a combined experience of over two decades of representing, often extremely vulnerable, asylum claimants with applications and appeals.

McGlashan MacKay faced a number of challenges with their feature limited Panasonic PBX System, receiving and responding to incoming telephone enquiries was limited to 4 channels meaning customers often faced engage tones and enquiries went unanswered.

With no call recording or management it was impossible to monitor how calls were being handled or understand how many calls were being missed. In addition, the company required the functionality to work on the go and have the capability to keep in contact with clients on their mobile when they are out of office, but due to limitations of the outdated technology they relied on cumbersome diverts to mobiles which was becoming increasingly unstable and problematic.

Changes in working practices due to the impact of COVID also means that they can have up to 5 staff members working from home on any given day. Without the right technology and connectivity to support home working McGlashan MacKay were facing increasing frustrating communications challenges.
The Challenge
The Approach
NCS undertook an in-depth review of their communications infrastructure

Working closely with McGlashan MacKay, NCS undertook an in-depth review of their communications infrastructure, spending time to ensure we understood their challenges as well as their business processes and overall communication goals.

Improving customer service, increasing flexibility and functionality were of critical importance to McGlashan MacKay, and as such, central to our approach.

Based on their specific challenges, the flexibility and control offered with Gamma’s Horizon hosted solution provided the most viable, cost-effective solution. In addition to providing a high quality, secure solution it also allows for added features such as remote working and greater management control.

Call recording was also integral to our overall solution and achieving their customer service goals. For many of McGlashan MacKay’s clients English is not their first language, so call handlers have the added challenge of language barriers. To help McGlashan MacKay monitor how clients call are being handled and to assist with quality assurance and future learning, NCS set-up an advanced calls recording system, giving Managers increased flexibility to monitor call recordings from anywhere, at any time.
The Approach
The Result
McGlashan MacKay’s have adopted an agile telephony solution

Planning was key to the success of this migration, by working closely with McGlashan MacKay we achieved a seamless deployment with minimal disruption to their critical operations. A combination of thorough due diligence, detailed site surveys and in-depth project planning enabled our technical team to roll out the new system during a busy working day with minimal downtime.

Handsets were replaced in small business units and typically took no longer than 5 minutes per group. Users also benefited from in-person, one-to-one training and Q&A’s, ensuring users felt comfortable with the new handset’s improved features before use. This level of knowledge transfer not only improved user uptake, satisfaction and productivity but also reduced unnecessary technical support calls and frustrations following installation.

With the Horizon Cloud-Hosted Solution in place, McGlashan MacKay are more responsive to incoming calls, handling multiple calls at any one time with no limitations. Customer confidence has been greatly improved as calls can be answered efficiently, no calls are missed and engaged tones are a thing of the past.

The Gamma Horizon system allows McGlashan MacKay to be completely self-sufficient, with direct access to an online portal they can be more proactive and react quickly to operational changes.

To give even greater analytics we also set-up Akixi Call Management, this comprehensive solution gives McGlashan MacKay complete visibility and control over their incoming and outgoing calls. With instant access to real-time granular call statistics, they can respond quickly to change. The data allows McGlashan MacKay to better understand and manage call flow and provide adequate resource to deal with increases in demand as required. The system also allows them to track missed/unanswered calls and identify when they have been responded to – this intelligent business data is pivotal to their operations to continually monitor and improve customer service.

In addition, the integrated Call Recording functionality offered further benefits McGlashan MacKay, this sophisticated technology allows managers to access call recordings from anywhere at any time to continually track and monitor customer service levels ensuring clients call are being handled effectively and any additional training needs are identified and addressed.

The cloud-based system allows for greater flexibility enabling McGlashan MacKay’s Lawyers and admin team to transition from office to home or mobile working seamlessly. Calls can now be handled from anywhere, from the office handset or on the go from any mobile device. The smart technology allows for just one number to follow the user regardless of the device they use, maintaining a seamless experience for the customer.

In summary, McGlashan MacKay’s have adopted an agile telephony solution that not only supports their organisations changing needs but helps them achieve their wider operational and customer service goals. Achieving exceptional results for management, users and customers alike, the migration to a unified cloud-hosted solutions delivers real tangible and sustainable businesses benefits, fully adaptable for future growth.
The Result

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