Lets talk Sustainability.

For NCS, sustainability and environmental responsibility is embedded into our core business values. We believe real action is required now and that our collective responses hold the key to protecting our planet’s resources as well are our future health and wellbeing.  

With that in mind, our environmental efforts span a wide range of activities across every aspect of our business but crucially they align to our overarching goal; to deliver tangible, sustainable benefits for our wider environment, local communities and customers across the UK. 

Saving the Planet.
One Honey Bee at a Time.

As part of our local community enviro commitments, we’ve been work closely with eco experts “The Good Bee Co.” to play our role in helping the local honey bee population recover and grow.  

Bees are fundamentally important to all living things, from the air we breathe, to the food need to survive. Almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of leading global crops and one out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on pollinators. 

By adopting our very own Bee Hives across our city centre sites we’re supporting the re-introduction of bees to our local communities in a bid to deliver long lasting sustainable benefits for generations to come. 

Bee Friendly.

Read about our involvement with The Bee Friendly Schools programme.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Sustainable Processes


Cleaner Energy


Waste Reduction


Ecowarrior Partners


Sustainable Processes.

Our customers depend on our engineers and support teams to keep their business critical equipment ticking 24/7, traditionally this would involve a physical visit to our customers premises – but as part of our environmental pledge we’ve been working hard to change our internal service infrastructure and processes to minimise our carbon footprint whilst delivering the highest level of service to our customers. 

By investing in innovative remote fleet management technologies we can now monitor our entire customer print fleet remotely, allowing us to react and resolve issues quickly without the need to make a physical site visit (where possible).  Our customers not only benefit from an enhanced, proactive support service but we also significant reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary trips to customer premises using our company vehicles.   

We’re actively encouraging all of our print customers to activate remote fleet management support if they haven’t already done so, it’s completely free of charge and provides huge environmental benefits as well as lots of business benefits too.

Learn more about our remote fleet manager tool

Learn more about our remote fleet manager tool

Cleaner Energy.

We’re investing in electric charging points at our offices to support the contribution that electric cars can make towards improving air quality in our towns and cities. In over a year, just one electric car can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2. That’s the equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona.  

By doing our part in providing easy access to electric charging points at our offices we’re hoping to encourage and support our employees to make positive environmental choices by switching to electric.  

Waste Reduction.

Reducing waste is a fundamental weapon in our fight against climate change. Using less now inevitably helps our environmental goals of the future.  

Being in the business of print some me may find it difficult to understand NCS’s commitments to reducing the number of prints we, and our customers output.  But that’s exactly what we are doing!  We believe it’s important to minimise our environmental impact by reducing unnecessary prints, this ultimately saves paper/trees, reduces ink waste and lowers our carbon and energy footprint (not to mention the significant cost saving it brings too!).   

We’ve implemented Papercut MF across our offices to reduce printing levels by changing user’s printing behavior. By implementing monitoring, quotas and print policies we’re seeing big changes in users print behavior and a significant reduction in unnecessary prints right across our business (and the good news is, you can too!).   

We’ve helped countless customers achieve their environmental objectives by reducing their print output whilst saving substantially on their print spend – speak to our solutions team to find out how we can help reduce your print waste.

Ecowarrior Partners.

It’s never been more important to work with like minded people, ensuring we can reach our environmental goals responsibility and ethically together.  

Because we understand how important sustainability is to our customers we are careful to select business partners with strong environment credentials.  From sustainable design to the long life of devices, efficient use of resources, and responsible recycling, our partners are among the world’s leading manufacturers for innovative environmental initiatives that help support not only NCS’ eco-sustainability goals but that of our customers too. 


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Julie Cassidy

Marketing Manager

A bit about Julie

As the Marketing Manager I get to work on lots of different creative projects across the business!

Hands down my Dad, he’s 100% my hero and inspires me every day!

Whilst backpacking in Australia I stayed in an old Cattle Ranch in the middle of the outback and spent my days mustering cattle by horse back and later by helicopter (apparently one of the deadliest occupations in OZ).

Nichola Miller

Sales Administrator

A bit about Nichola

I’m a Sales Administrator and I play with spreadsheets and move data around :)

Being able to solve problems for others and knowing you’ve made even a small difference to someone’s working day.

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I wanted to be an archaeologist, until it dawned on me I may come across big spiders!


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Mark Scott

Photocopier engineer

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Photocopier Engineer. Repair & install new machines.

To keep the customers happy and keep up the high standard of service we provide the good
name of the company.

Anywhere that’s sunny and has a sandy beach ticks every box for me!

Lakin Brown

Sales Administrator

A bit about Lakin

I’m a Sales Administrator at NCS. I deal with all the lease proposals and sales admin tasks as well as producing tremendous chat to my work colleagues, not easy being a full-time entertainer as well!

Short, Ginger & Highlander

I received a Vinyl Record from one of my sisters’ favourite bands and they dedicated the album to her. Her name is on the record. Don’t think anything can top that for me!

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I’m the Regional Sales Director for Northern Ireland and I see my role very much as a
supportive one for team in Belfast and for our customers in Northern Ireland.

My family, our customers, oh and a healthy degree of competitiveness

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My eldest, Mia, currently wants to be a Mid Wife. I think she’d be great in a caring
role, however her future career choices change quiet regularly!